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Paikkamallinnusta Billnäsin ruukin alueella

Now you can present your 3D-models on site, augmenting the visuals on a tablet computer or a mobile phone. Ideal for an accurate perception of a planned building or city plans, this revolutionary technology caters for critical moments in the planning process: citizen collaboration, political decision making and impact assessment.

Finnish Consulting Group is proud to be able to offer you this service based on long term research by the Technical Research Centre of Finland (VTT). Experiences from working with our clients is continually fed back to improve the technology.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us for further information
– let us bring your plans to life!

Anssi Savisalo, Head of Department
M.Sc. (Archit) SAFA, YKS -299,
anssi.savisalo a; GSM +358 41 538 9353

Arja Sippola, Urban Development Manager, M.Sc. (Archit),
arja.sippola a; GSM +358 44 748 0315

Augmented Reality
233 KB, päivitetty 5.9.2012

Augmented Reality Team in VTT 


Central Pasila Towers 2014
Client: Senaatti/Senate Properties

Illustration of future high rise development of Central Pasila area. Tour and dissemination was organized as a part of the kick-off seminar for the international design and construction competition.

KämpTower 2012
Client: City of Helsinki

Illustration of proposed tower concept next to the centre of Helsinki. Tours onsite with city representatives .

Mobile AR visualization of Kämp Tower plans (video)

Billnäs ironworks 2011
Client: Town of Raasepori

Illustration of proposed hotel concept in a delicate cultural landscape. AR technology was used on tours to the site with the town council and with museum authorities.

Mobile AR visualization of Billnäs plans (video)


Augmented Reality Team in VTT