FCG MAPGETS - Manage Your Opportunities

FCG MAPGETS is an open and visual 3D development platform that uses locational information to utilise data maximally.

An open visual 3D application platform, MAPGETS includes locational information – such as maps, routes, buildings, plans, streets and services – from all around the world. It can be used as the platform for a wide range of applications, such as those designed for urban planning, asset management and process management. Typical users of such applications include cities and municipalities, industrial companies and their customers.

Benefits of FCG MAPGETS

  • The 3D application platform opens up novel opportunities for visualising  information.
  • The information is updated in real time.
  • The platform is based on open realXtend source code, eliminating the need to commit to a limited number of suppliers.
  • The platform works in a web browser – no installation or knowledge of geographic information systems is needed.

The background organisation

The FCG MAPGETS application platform is the property of FCG City Portal Oy, founded jointly by FCG Finnish Consulting Group and Adminotech Oy.

For more informaton, please see http://info.mapgets.com/en/


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